Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) Professional Development Points

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Coaches in Alberta must meet the Coach Certification Policy and if a coach will be attending provincial competitions, they must meet Synchro Alberta rule 6.2. In addition to this, the CAC requires that all coaches maintain their certification via professional development points. The purpose of this program is to increase your knowledge mostly through non-sport specific training or multi-sport training.

Please note that it is your responsibility to stay on top of your points. If you do not meet the requirements, the CAC will change your certified status to trained. At this point you will no longer be eligible to be on deck at provincial level meets. In order to gain back your certified status you will need to complete all the outcomes applicable to the level which you want to re-certify at.

Synchro Alberta will offer occasional sport specific and/or non-sport specific opportunities each season. Points are earned based on the parameters set out by the CAC and Synchro Canada. Information on earning PD points can be found here. If you are attending, or have attended, something not delivered by Synchro Alberta, Synchro Canada or the CAC you may be eligible for points. You need to submit the Points Request form within the specified timelines in order for points to be considered.

REMEMBER: you are eligible to earn one point per year as an active coach. Points must be recorded annually. Click here for information on recording active coaching.

Since most non-NCCP learning opportunities are offered through other organizations, Synchro Alberta will do it’s best to provide information and links on this page for your convenience. If you know of any opportunities that you would like to pass along, please send the information and link to Jennifer Flowers for posting.


Edmonton Sport Council / Calgary Sport Council – The Edmonton and Calgary Sport Councils offer a variety of opportunities through on-line and in person clinics and workshops throughout the year. Check out their links for multi-sport learning opportunities.

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